Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I created a video for you know more about Capilla del Señor. I hope you enjoy it :-)

About Capilla del Señor

In Capilla Del Monte you can found meany minerals. You can found the street whit a roof that is the only street like this in all South America and is there from 1964. Also you can found the Uritorco hill is one of the most largest in Argentina and they said that in the hill appeared Martians. There is a dam called Cajon that they did it in 1993.Leaving from Capilla Del Monte, up to an area of low hills where you can see a very special rock formation known as the "The Shoe”. There you can found meany vegetable and meany exotics animals, Wonderful mountains the enigmatic fellow Uritorco. They have over 1600 m high. Agua de Los Palos there are games for children; you can do horse riding, paragliding, and can leave the car and make beautiful walks or climb to the top of the dike chestnuts or a mineral water spring.